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Welcome to the future home of

What's this?

The old site had pretty much been abandoned over the past six months or so. The info was outdated and even though I pushed an occasional update to the lists I believe the very method of listing every single possible domain and subdomain manually is woefully outdated.

Additionally, there have been big updates in the world of DNS and the support of custom encrypted DNS on smartphones which make many things possible. Not only can you expand ad blocking outside your WiFi network without installing apps to tunnel through proxies or VPNs, but you can bring an ad blocking DNS around with you on mobile data without even having to install a single app at all.

All this to say there's some cool stuff in the works. Follow us at @FTPrivacy on Twitter or at the @FTPrivacy Telegram channel.

New project goals

  • A shift in focus from Pi Hole to AdGuard Home as it is more fully featured, easy to install, and easy to use than Pi Hole while being able to run on the same low cost, low power hardware.
  • Development of regex based blocklists instead of long unweildly lists of domains. Regex lists (both blocklists and whitelists) are supported natively in AdGuard Home as well as virtually all browser based ad blockers and other projects such as pfSense.
  • An encrypted ad blocking DNS server aimed at smartphone users that will incorporate our smartphone ads and trackers list - supplemented by the upcoming regex lists - to secure your traffic and block ads, trackers, malware, and phishing domains wherever you go.
  • Simple instructions on how to set up the above without requiring a VPN, proxy, or app. It will work on iOS 14 or above and Android 9 or above.
  • Possibly more!