Domain blocklists (legacy)

Domain blocklists, unlike the new regex blocklists, are only able to block domains if the exact specific domain in question is included on a list.

For example "" would need to be entered specifically, and if the new subdomains "", "", etc were created, or the new domain "" was used instead, these would not be blocked unless explicity added to the domain list.

Meanwhile for a regex list a single line "||adcompany.*" would block every single one of the examples listed above and more.

It is for this reason the focus has switched to regex lists and domain lists for HOSTS file blocking are labelled as legacy.

Nonetheless, these are still updated with new entries for users of apps such as AdAway.

If you use Pi Hole or AdGuard Home, it is highly recommended you make use of the regex lists instead.

Below is the main domain blocklist. You only need to add one of these to use the list.