Regex Blocklists

Also known as "ad block rules" lists, these are very powerful tools, able to reliably block large swaths of unwanted activity from your network or device without requiring manually listing every single possible subdomain as is required for domain lists, commonly used to inject the HOSTS file.

While blocking by adding specific subdomains to the HOSTS file works for most major advertisers, it becomes an impossible game of mouse with smaller companies, especially the less scrupulous ones serving up malware loaded ads, as they can switch to new domains and subdomains faster than blocklists can be updated.

Regex lists solve this issue because with a single line, every subdomain from a certain URL can be blocked, or even every single URL that conforms to a specific pattern.

These lists aim to strike a balance between blocking ads, trackers, potential malware, etc without harming use of legitimate services.

It is recommended to use the common false positive whitelist along with the primary blocklist to ensure false positives arn't blocked.

If you use both lists but notice something being blocked that shouldn't be, please create an issue or PR on GitHub.

The main "general blocklist"

You may add this list to your software such as Pi Hole, AdGuard Home, Blokada 4 (Blokada 5 has not yet recieved regex support), uBlock Origin, and any other ad blocker with regex support by adding one of the following URLs as a blocklist:

Links will continue to be added as work is in progress to build the site. All lists are already on GitHub and can be added by clicking the "raw" button for the list you wish to add.